Starting something new

"You seem like someone who always wants to chase the next shiny thing."

I was on the phone with someone who I had never met and he said this to me after walking through some of what I had going on in my life. It's a statement that was said to me a few weeks ago and it has been haunting me ever since. 

Is that me?  Can I be content doing one thing for a long time? Can I be a successful business owner?  What am I doing this for? 

For those who don't know much about me, my name is Andrew Crawley and I own and operate Roots Coffee Company with my family. But that is just a small piece of the puzzle.  Full time (whatever that means) I am a high school math and business teacher at my local high school, where I also coach girls basketball.  Last summer we opened a new café and breakfast spot called Rudy's Coffee Bar and I still try to help where I can at the birth place of it all, Roots Brew Shop.  Outside of work, I have three kids 4 and under, two dogs and a fish tank that I bought for my son but we all know who it was really for.  

I keep myself busy and it has really always been like that. My brain is one that never shuts off.  No matter what, it is running and thinking about everything and anything.  For the past few years I have been trying to find an outlet for myself and how to get everything out while also growing a brand (or multiple). I've tried being consistent on social media, starting a YouTube channel and with each new "launch" the pressure seems insurmountable.  But who is putting this pressure on me?

For me, I always feel the need for things to be "perfect"....which just doesn't happen. 

So here I am, trying something new (again).  I am entering this season with the intention of things being unpolished and raw.  From trying to grow an ecommerce brand with Roots Coffee Company, to trying to manage being a father and husband on top of multiple jobs.

If we're being honest , this is more for me than it is for you.  But my heart is for community and people, so it feels right to invite others into this journey.  In classic form, I have no plan or posting schedule....I just felt like I needed to try it before I convinced myself not to. 

So here's to trying something new. Here's to chasing the next shiny object.  Here's to being vulnerable. 

Much love, 

The Moonlight Entrepreneur

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